There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society, where none intrudes.
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more...

-Lord Byron

11 February 2016


We've all heard the stories about how some cultures believe that a photo steals a person's soul.

Whilst traveling in and around the various slums outside Nairobi, Kenya, I found quite the opposite to be true. Taking Polaroid pictures that I could watch develop in front of the eyes of the subject and then leave the picture with them opened up a deep and profound connection.
It may not have been much, but I like to think that these Polaroids are being held tightly in little one's backpacks, under their pillow, or on their bedroom wall.

I hope that they continue to inspire hope for a brighter future, a will to continue their education and dream big for the life they want to have.
For the children of Kenya, I hope our memory board we made for you will remind you that you can achieve anything.
Never give up hope. You will always have people that believe in you.

10 February 2016

Mobius Arch

In today's world I need not spend hours planning out a trip, laboring over the minor details. My Trover app shows me photos others have taken from wherever I may be, helping me easily plan out an impromptu exploration.

Which was how I discovered the Mobius Arch in the Alabama Hills.
Of course, a picture only takes you so far. Beyond that, I rely on luck and intuition. Once in the Alabama Hills, I had no cell service, and their aren't any big signs pointing you in the right direction to the trail head.

Nature's spirits guide me as I stumble upon the trail.
The crisp winter air invigorates me as I start the solo walk on the wild side of the eastern Sierra mountain wilderness.

09 February 2016

CBug and the Jazz

Three weeks until the final countdown. The little things are taking on new meaning.

Last week our second cousin's husband from Australia was in town. The boys went for sushi before the Jazz basketball game.

My brother splurged our funds and got us on the sixth row. CBug ended up on the Jumbo tron while singing his little heart out to Billy Joel's "piano man".
The Jazz won, but for me, it was a another night full of memories that I will hold close on those long nights when I'm far from those I love.

06 February 2016

The Alabama Hills

The small town of Lone Pine, California, boasted two claims to fame :
-Hollywood movies filmed here.
-being at the base of Mount Whitney.

As I turned off of Main Street and started going up into the mountains, I stumbled upon an otherworldly sight, The Alabama Hills.
Full of endless dirt roads that one can drive or bike, you have more trails to explore and rocks to climb than one could ever dream.
Bouldering to the summit, climbing crags, jumping to and fro, this place shaved proverbial years off old and weary bones.

For a moment I was young again, with no pain to slow me down, no worries to impede my progress.
Only the freedom of the open space nature provides.

04 February 2016

The Rim drive around Crater Lake

As soon as I stepped onto the smooth volcanic sand, Crater Lake captured my heart.
Trees that seemed to bend in unnatural positions stood like deformed soldiers overlooking the crown jewel of blue water.
Clouds that formed and gathered in mighty numbers, creating shadow dances across the land.
Precipices that beckon you to walk to their edge, just a little farther, you can do it...
Mountains that bear your name, with trails that wrap you around the core of stone, the heart of the mountain top.
Ferocious winds that try to knock one off the edge as they take a giddy selfie in this sacred land.
Inspiring views everywhere as one makes their way around Crater Lake, enjoying a day of driving, hiking, photographing, and just being....
in the crown of Southern Oregon.