There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society, where none intrudes.
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more...

-Lord Byron

22 October 2014

a peaceful evening in an unsuspecting place.

My time in Rochester was short but certainly memorable. My last evening found me sitting on the still Genesse river waters, with the golden glow of a city building gleaming over the trees across the river bank, with the setting sun painting the sky in brilliant pink and purple colors. 

As I'm enjoying this, a lovely woman of Middle Eastern descent quietly comes up to me to see if the abandoned bike a few yards away was mine, as she didn't want it stolen since it wasn't locked up.

I smile warmly and let her know it's not mine. She carries on down the river walk as I turn back to watch either small birds or perhaps little bats fly above the water, their tiny reflections captured perfectly.

From the friendly people to the quaint buildings, I look forward to returning here, no doubt about it!

Assaulting the visual senses

Bugs find an end to their short life as they splat on the windshield of my car. No matter as I squirt washer fluid, smear the little carcasses everywhere, and continue driving onward.

It's the colour of the leaves against mighty mountain peaks that have my full attention here.
In between hiking previously unexplored trails and picnicking in open meadows, my arm is outstretched to see the open road from a new perspective.

Many say that too much is shared on Social Media, that we humans demean life by capturing every little event.

I offer a different viewpoint. I see the world in new light, where technology lets us share this earth in wonderful and unique ways. We can then express what we see to others.

It is up to us what we view, and how we perceive it. Today I offer a visual assault of passing through Fall colours in a whirlwind, white aspen trees lined up like thousands of skinny soldiers on a battlefield with the commandeering mountaintops as their General.
Being photobombed by a noisy squirrel

18 October 2014

Come pick me up

There certainly was something in Iowa's water tonight. Perhaps it was the concrete Death Star auditorium. Perhaps it was the conservative, Midwestern attitude that permeates this part of the country.
For whatever reason, people were on edge, rude and somewhat toxic. For those of us not from this area, the negativity was palpable.

As Ryan himself stated to one particular asshole "that negative shit is on you man, not me. Perhaps you can talk that out with your therapist."
Regardless of the weird vibe tonight, Ryan Adams delivered an amazing performance. His growth as a person and an artist was abundantly apparent, and although fans of his earlier stuff may have been disappointed by what they heard, Ryan himself said it best :

"I'm not going to play my depressing shit. It's not that kind of show, as I've moved on. I no longer write lyrics just before I sleep off my high in some dumpster alley."

For someone that loved his dumpster alley stuff, listening to the progression and healing of Ryan was all I could ask for.

No more, no less.

Just the truth.

or as Ryan would say "can't we all get along together, like Judas Priest and leather."

16 October 2014

Moose in the morning

6am seems to come earlier and earlier for me as the years pass by. Yet 6am it was as I unzipped my tent and shivered at the frosty air outside. There is nothing more refreshing than waking up outside Yellowstone. As I stretch and start quietly packing up my gear for the day, large rocks seem to be slowly moving in the not too far distance.

I squint my eyes for a closer look...
"I need coffee..."

This thought permeates my brain as I shrug off the "slow moving rocks". I then start to notice cars and a few people pointing to the same rock formations. I think it strange to have such hustle and bustle this early in the morning, so I walk over to be a little closer....
A family of moose are making their way towards the campground as they slowly enjoy their morning breakfast of mountain grass. The size of these animals is incredible. I find myself being drawn closer to them, but am fully aware of the potential for aggressive behavior.

Just as I make my way to what I think will be a safe and secure spot, a young moose surprisingly leaves the herd and runs full tilt through the campground!

Luckily he doesn't trample any tents ( and the unknowing sleepers they hold ).

Ah, the beauty of the animals here.

13 October 2014

The Alpine Loop

It was only 9am on a Friday, yet I was already exasperated. Perhaps my short temper came through in the multitude of emails, as the next thing I know the boss tells all of us that we are getting Monday off. Regardless of the reason why, I'll certainly take a three day weekend and enjoy Columbus Day.

With perfect October Utah weather, I head back to one of my favorite places at this time of year, Utah's Alpine Loop.
A fresh dusting of snow is on the peaks, a starkly amazing contrast to the changing leaves. In another lifetime, I used to bring my young girlfriend's son, only a toddler, up here along with her older son and daughter. We would pile up leaves and they would happily run through the pile as I'd take pictures.
The girl and I were lovers in a dangerous time. We would listen to the Barenaked Ladies repeatedly, smile affectionately at each other, lay on the couch in each other's arms as the children would quietly play.

As the months went by, she would work the weekends as I would entertain the children by hiking up in these mountains. I would bring the roll of film to the store afterwards to be developed. One hour later, we held our memories in our hands.

Yet the relationship was turning blue, much like the Corrs song.
Near the end, we sat on opposite ends of the couch. The playful sounds of the children were no longer to be heard. The music was ending.

All good things must end, as they say. It was time that we slowed down for awhile. Like Everclear.

Good thing for the mountains and my memories, which remind me of both the great and the ugly.