There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society, where none intrudes.
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more...

-Lord Byron

29 July 2014


I'm missing out on life, at least the lives of those around me. My desire to explore and see this world has left a gap of disconnectedness with the ones I love.
I don't recognize anyone anymore. Kids growing and changing, pets getting older...dying.
It's all slipping away as I walk on new ground in this precious earth. I'm unbalanced, and unsure about how to right the ship.

or even if I want to. Perhaps I'll just go beyond the fulcrum and tip one way, or another.

For now, I'll capture the moments I have with them as I do the world when I travel. At least I'll have it here for me to come back to, reminisce, remember.....

Homemade rocket launchers and young air guitar.

28 July 2014

Gary Clark Jr.

The summer storm passed as quickly as it came, and with the soft lights of the setting sun filling the valley, Gary grabs his guitar and strums out sweet love to the hypnotized audience.
Some danced, most though sat back on the lawn and let the rhythm take hold, the riffs floating out into the night sky.
It's all I wanted for my night with Gary Clark Jr, my Jimi Hendrix of this millenium.

27 July 2014

Oneonta trail

Whilst many first time travelers to the Columbia River Gorge make their way to the infamous Multnomah Falls, I find myself just a few clicks down the road to the much less crowded Oneonta trail. Today I search for cooling waterfalls and crystal clear rivers to splash around in under the summer sun.
You have two clear choices of hikes here ; follow the creek bed upriver, or hiking above the gorge. With the water rising to above five feet in some areas and me with no waterproof gear, I choose to go above the gorge.
Forest greens liven my mood the higher I ascend. The water becoming clearer, eventually a transparent looking glass to the life below. I dip my feet into the cool transcendence.
Moss covered boulders beg to be climbed. I slowly make my way up river, cragging and pulling this body ever forward, sometimes slipping and falling backwards into the river. A baptism that clears the cobwebs of a cluttered mind.
A rocky precipice calls me to its edge. I feel death as I venture out, see a vision of an old man clumsily losing his foothold and tumbling over the watery side, crushed upon the rocks below. A deep breath pulls me back.
A few more breaths and I slowly make my way down, wondering about my experience along the Oneonta trail....

26 July 2014

Isaac & the harmonicas

Build.Create.Kenya not only recognizes and supports the need for education in the slums of Nairobi, but we also feel strongly about the importance of a well rounded child.

One way BCK wants to help with that is by introducing music into the schools as a way for the kids to explore other interests and have activities to do after school.
We started our goal of this by introducing harmonicas to some of the schools. The students were happily surprised and eager to learn how to play.

Only no one from BCK knew how to play them, at least not in any way that we could teach the students.
But as luck would have it, our good friend, head school master of Hope Learning Centre, and our in country driver, Isaac Musembi, was a master at playing. He is always surprising us with hidden talents.

We were thrilled with the joy it brought to everyone, and look forward to continuing with this endeavor in the future.

Would you like to help with our music project?

18 July 2014

boy, you best pray that I bleed real soon...

how's that thought for you?

Lyrics such as that are what hooked me to the artist Tori Amos back in 1990. We both have changed much since that time, but as the world continues to spin upon its axis, sometimes the stars align and fate brings things back together.

July 18th was one such incident as I found myself in Portland Oregon's zoo listening to Tori's commanding voice waft through the perfect summer evening, and into our hearts and minds.
Tori was alone upon the stage, save for a baby grand piano on her left and a small electric piano on her right. Her fiery ginger hair would toss about as she violently swung from one to the other, arching her delicate back and hips at the end of each song. Her presence was not to be denied. Slow renditions of her classics made them feel new again, and her mixing of genres was incredible. From a Kate Bush/Led Zeppelin mix, to an Aerosmith/Evanescence masterpiece, Tori did everything right.
Not bad for a lady who just turned fifty. It's another reminder to me that age is just a number, nothing more.