There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society, where none intrudes.
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more...

-Lord Byron

02 December 2016

the Wharf Master Inn

Down a gravelly road I travel, the ocean sounds growing stronger with each turn of the wheel. The small coastal town of Point Arena disappears into the thick forest growth.

Fishing boats and lobster traps are stacked along the roadside. Beaten and weathered wood buildings of intense character loom ahead.

The sign for my retreat is seen, the Wharf Master's Inn.
It's not a hotel so much as a scattered stack of buildings on the hillside, connected by rickety staircases. I make my way into the lobby, and check out with a local bottle of wine and a sense of contentment.
I have a deck with an ocean view, overlooking the local restaurant that serves seafood brought in by local fisherman. I search for blue whales while sipping red, dance to Ray Lamontagne whenever the moment strikes me.
The candles burn low late into the night as the stars come out to play, illuminating this hidden paradise.

28 November 2016

going to church along the Timberline

The morning temperature was slightly above freezing, and the cracking of ice could be heard along the stream's edge. The trail to my church was just ahead.
The initial goal was to climb a peak that would summit above 15,000 feet. The morning rain quickly washed away that plan. I would not let that deter my spirit however, and let the beauty of the timberline lead me to an unknown sermon.

The rains dissipated quickly, and I reached my pew upon the lake shore. I stood in humble silence as the clouds passed by on the autumn breeze.
I find no church more comforting than the one found in the bounty of Nature.

21 November 2016

family reunions unveil the passing of time

We stop our card playing to soak in the beauty of a double rainbow. The Aunts and Uncles tell stories to the younger kids as the storm clouds pass overhead. I smile at the passing of time.
It's our family reunion up at the Fruitland cabin. As night rolls in, we get the fire going and make our version of smores. Starburst and gummy bears if you please.
Playing on the water, almost breaking my back on the tubes with my buddies. My time for tubing is quickly passing.
I sleep in the same room as the little ones, we tell stories late into the night before cuddling up together.

I feel safe, warm and loved.
I expect more family members will pass away before the next reunion, but new additions will also join the fold. Until my time comes, I will continue to document the journey, unveiling the passing of time.

20 November 2016

the Life Aquatic with Seu Jorge

I think I was fifteen when I first saw the movie "The Breakfast Club". I had no idea who David Bowie was as the lyrics to "Changes" appeared in the opening movie credits. I just knew they were some of the most powerful words I'd ever read.

"And these children that you spit on
as they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They're quite aware of what they are going through."

As the years passed, Bowie's music took a stronger hold on me musically. When Wes Anderson's movie "The Life Aquatic" was released in 2004, the soundtrack sung by Brazilian musician Seu Jorge blew me away. Acoustic David Bowie sung in Portuguese?

Sadly, as I'm sure you know, David Bowie passed away earlier this year from cancer. Seu Jorge, in wanting to do a fitting tribute to this amazing artist, as well as to recognize the film that so many of us loved, decide to put together a tribute tour.
This dream all came together in beautiful harmony on a chilly Friday night in Denver.
Red beanies were seemingly everywhere. As Seu came onto the stage, he skillfully wove amazing stories about the film, the actors and director in between songs.
I was so captivated that I didn't want to break the magical spell by pulling out my phone to record, but then I realized I needed more than just my memory of this night.

Here are just some clips of the evening.
Yet I can't leave it at that. Here is his rendition of Space Oddity, probably one of my favorites songs of the evening.
and of course, the song that started it all. Changes.

17 November 2016


I passed the most beautiful sight along Interstate 90 in South Dakota, a field full of sunflowers in the late afternoon of an Autumn day. I took the next exit to try and get closer.
Typical of the mid west, you drive along a dirt road with endless farm land on both sides in hopes that it will eventually lead you in the right direction. For awhile I only see tractors and other machines used by farmers, but not the field of sunflowers I spotted from the road.
Turning left on intuition, I come to the edge of the mighty field. Giant green stalks hold the bright yellow heads, bowing slightly due to it's weight and what I perceive to be sadness over the knowledge of the coming winter.
It's hard to describe the feeling you have out here, in the stillness of it all, yet not alone.

A moment of happiness and joy bolted through my body from the power of the beautiful sunflower.