There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society, where none intrudes.
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more...

-Lord Byron

24 October 2016

The South Rim

"Is it really one of the seven wonders of the World?"

"It depends upon who you ask, but I'll let you see it with your own eyes, then you can tell me what you think...."
As we step off the train from Williams, glimpses of the South Rim can be seen through the brush oak and pines. It's June, and the Arizona heat is beating down like a lunatic oven. Indian flute music is being played in the distance, and the notes bounce off the canyon walls and follow the Colorado river down stream.
We stop at the vista overlooks, and drink in the beauty in silence. Cbug tries to mirror his father and uncle with his own camera skills, crazylegs makes fun of selfies, Emily is making sure none of us fall off the edge.
I stop asking them if they are having a good time, as they are too young. Instead I will write here about how much I love and miss them. One day perhaps, they will find this post, laugh at the photos, click play on the video, and relive our times together at one of the seven wonders of the world.

22 October 2016

Mercer Island

It's another Sunday morning in another town. Not the town I currently reside, but the town of my birth. I drive across a bridge that connects Seattle to Mercer Island, a feeling is pulling me inexplicably to explore this area.
Thick forest growth hides the residents of this Island. The sounds of the city are drowned out, leaving a peaceful and serene aura hanging in the air. I stumble upon Pioneer Park, and a dirt trail leading into the lush greenery of the Pacific NorthWest.
I'm feeling open, and disappear into the woods. 

09 October 2016

Comin' to your city

Sports teams.

One of the great things I love about having a team you support is that you'll never lose them, no matter where your life takes you.

As long as you are loyal.
I catch the early flight on game day from Phoenix to the SLC, jump on the light rail train at the airport, and eventually find myself back at the University of Utah stadium.

The tailgating crew greets me with open arms and warm hugs. We enjoy wildcat burgers and brews, laughs and memories while waiting for game time.

We ended up with our homecoming game win over those pesky Wildcats.

Go Utes!

08 October 2016

The Badlands

He wasn't quite sure if he was chasing Death, or if the roles were reversed. The dramatic landscape around him felt otherworldly. He grasped the steering wheel tightly and headed up into the unknown and unforgiving Badlands
Nothing felt real, as if he could step off into space and not fall to his demise. The Autumn sun played evil tricks on his eyes, changing the colorful scenery in fantastic fashion. He reached for the comfort of his mask, and breathed deeply.

"much better...."
He searched the ground for something that would bite his skin, make him bleed, show the true nature of his existence.

Yet nothing was to be found. He stands in the emptiness and lets the wind whip around the stench of his years....
and begins the day anew, as if it was his birth on a macabre repetition in this West world.

06 October 2016

Grand Canyon Railway

We started the morning in a makeshift Western town, complete with gun slinging cowboys and horse apples. It was just past eight am and the temperature was already approaching 85 degrees.
The train whistle blew, and the familiar "All Board" call bellowed across the station. Tickets in hand, we boarded the Kokopelli car, settled into our seats with breakfast from the dining car, then felt the lurch as the wheels started to roll.

The Grand Canyon Railway train adventure was underway.
After waving to the locals as we pulled out of town, past the prairie dogs and the last remaining buildings of Williams, we settled into views of the expansive open plateau.

Listening to some history from the conductor for a few, then the singing cowboys showed up...and things got interesting.
Cbug got himself fully immersed in the show, dancing and singing wildly up and down the aisle. The whole train car was busting up in laughter.

We heard classic tunes from Johnny Cash and John Denver. It felt like we were going back in time the further the train went, and no one was complaining.
We even ran into some unruly characters that robbed us (in good spirits). I haven't seen such happy faces on my brother's family like that for awhile.

Which made the entire experience worthwhile. As "Country Road" was sung by everyone on the train car as we were coming home, I closed my eyes and thought of you.
John Denver was your favorite singer, and whenever I hear him, I know that you are probably close by, just above my head, smiling down from the heavens.

Your spirit was closer to us on this day I think.