There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society, where none intrudes.
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more...

-Lord Byron

29 September 2016

Two mile high city

Last winter I found myself driving through the wildness of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, and came across a small town called Leadville.

I made a mental note of the name, as the desire inside me to return was undeniable. The beauty and charm here needed to be felt more completely.
Nicknamed "two mile high city" due to being a mile higher in elevation than Denver, you could feel the impressive height while sipping a dark libation, or even just walking around exploring.

The hiking I did pushed my body to it's limits, and I reveled in that.

Weather in the high country is predictably unpredictable, with rain, snow and sunshine all making an appearance. As long as you are prepared for anything, you'll survive, just as the locals here have done for years.

Back alley charm, street food trucks, cowboys and hippies.

Leadville has it all.

27 September 2016

Rise Up Red Sea

"I have an extra ticket if you'd like to go to the Cardinals game with us..."

I've never been a fan of the Cardinals. My hometown Seahawks are the division rivals, and in the West we cheer for the Bronco's.

But I live in Arizona now, so when in Rome, does as the Romans do.
The stadium is modern, clean and loud. It was a fun atmosphere, complete with a tasty IPA and an Arizona original turkey leg!
and the best part of it all? Cards win! Cards win!


26 September 2016

railroad tracks and a turquoise view...

Although the altitude should have been the reason for his labored breathing, truth be told it was the beauty that stole the air from his lungs.

"Let Nature rob me of my senses everyday."
He wasn't looking for Turquoise Lake, yet the break in the tree line along the trail showed him exactly that. So he stopped for an infinite amount of time to watch the clouds race across the skyline.

Railroad tracks carrying promises and dreams of yesteryear. He touches the steel that is warm in the summer sun, then sits and meditates in the wilderness.
The quiet of his surroundings stirs a call deep within. He rises, turns one hundred and eighty degrees, and starts walking.
The withering heights and railroad ties seems to be in control now. He unwinds like yarn from a spool.

21 September 2016

the bridges that beckoned

Just outside the small town of Redmond, Oregon, the interstate crosses a deep canyon with two bridges that span the crevasse.

The sun has just broken the skyline to start the day, and in the early morning light I have this space to myself. My mind is most at peace in the early morning as I walk the path with strange lizards and the blackest of crows.
The still water below, the blue sky above, the chill of the air escaping my mouth and hanging for just a moment in the air before dissipating into the atmosphere.
It's not about any great destination. For me, it's taking the time to enjoy the moment for what it is.

18 September 2016


September the fourteenth, two thousand and sixteen.

7:45 PM.

Ray walks out onto the stage, guitar in hand, and starts to sing a four song acoustic set that puts chills on everyone's skin.
He then brings out the band, and sings his new album in it's entirety.
He then ends with audience requests, creating a magical night that I'll never forget.