There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society, where none intrudes.
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more...

-Lord Byron

13 April 2014

Time in Losee


We can lose track of it, never have enough of it, even have too much of it on our hands.

Really, it is all there is, never ending raindrops on a windshield.
I use my time to head out into the wilderness, to a place I first saw two years ago.

My how time flies.
Dark thunderclouds are in the distance, so I take my time to find a ridge to set up camp in case flash floods decide to redesign the landscape. A simple tent to keep out the rain and poisonous thoughts.
As clouds pass by in the cool afternoon breeze, I wonder about the connectedness of man throughout time. Not just the men of the last one hundred years that sat on this very landscape, but human beings going back thousands of years. American Indians and before that, the hunters and gatherers of the Old World.
The past had no concept of time as we perceive it today. Rising with the sun in the morning, waiting for it to return during the long, dark night. Searching for meaning in the stars and heavens above.
I am alone out here, disconnected from the modern world. Savoring the quiet and freedom that comes from Nature, the only sounds are the scampering of wild rabbits, the mournful scream of a mountain lion, and the pages of my mind turning with new possibilities.
The rain brings rejuvenation to both myself and everything that calls Losee Canyon home.

just in time.....

30 March 2014

Acoustic Neil Young

It's a rare opportunity to see an artist at the end of their career, showcasing their songwriting ability and life experience when they still have immense talent. As I sat front row and center in the beautiful Dolby Theatre last night, I witnessed such an event.
At seventy ( or close to it), Neil's haggard face as he sings tells it's own story. With harmonica and guitar, bluesy notes emanated my aura as I gazed with wonder onto the stage.

Each instrument he plays has a story tied to it, even the infamous "Woody" Indian statue that accompanies Neil Young wherever he plays, no matter the venue. From stories about Steven Stills to Hank Williams, the master song writer is also a gifted storyteller.
Life is unpredictable, and so I may have had my only chance to see Neil Young perform such an acoustic set.

It does give one pause would your life be expressed as it nears it's finality?

27 March 2014

Kings of Leon

It all started with Aha Shake Heartbreak. I downloaded songs from the album, burned them to a CD and played them for my sis.

"It's his voice!, I love it!"  I clearly remember her saying like it was yesterday, but the year was 2005, and Kings of Leon had yet to make it big with their commercially popular hit "Sex on Fire".

In addition to the lead singer's amazing voice, what drew me to the band was the fact it consisted of three brothers and a cousin.

I recall the stories of the lead singer getting birdshat in his mouth during a concert and walking off stage. Temperamental or not, I wanted to see them live for myself and come to my own conclusion. That happened last Saturday night at Sleep Train in Chula Vista.

Amazing lighting and technicals, with surprisingly dark and somewhat disturbing images on the massive screen behind them. I appreciated that they stuck to their artistic vision of what they wanted to portray in their music. One shouldn't compromise to appease the masses.

The Mechanical Bull tour show was nothing short of spectacular. Enjoy clips of the show, with a couple songs from the new album.

25 March 2014

Los Penasquitos

Between the suburban sprawl of homes built high on the mountain tops lies the unassuming canyon of Los Penasquitos, just outside the city limits of San Diego.

I had an afternoon to kill, and felt that a quick 6.2 mile hike down the leisurely canyon would fit into my schedule. No water, wearing converse flat top shoes, and a stomach full of cheap fast food, yeah I was ready....
The diversity is what grabs my attention as I go. Lizards basking on rocks in the warm sun, cacti flowers blooming, tree branches twisting and turning as if making their way through an invisible labyrinth.

A couple miles in and the tiny brook becomes a babbling stream. My trail intersects with others, no signs to point one the right way. I wander different paths, keep my heading due West, following the setting sun.

Finally, a sign in an open field lets me know that in .08 of a mile is the waterfall. I quicken my pace. Large rocks and boulders appear from no where. I climb the highest one to survey the surroundings....
The recent California rains haven't had much impact on the long drought that preceded. After resting for spell in the quiet, I start my climb back.
After a few steps, a sharp twinge of pain in my left foot begins.

Curse you damn converse! The return was no where near as pleasant as the beginning.

24 March 2014

Sunset Cliffs

Trepidation set in almost immediately from the warning signs posted about as one approached the edge. The constant battle between the moon and our oceans is ever changing this world. One misstep and the earth would give way to the water below.
Prehistoric flocks of pelicans pass I imagine B-52's bombers of old would have over Hiroshima. Eyes locked and focused, intent with a greater purpose than of mere survival.

I never feel more at peace with the world than when I am hypnotized by the timeless and never ending sound of ocean waves breaking upon the shore.
I breathe in the salty, let the reverberating crash of the waves penetrate my skin and soon thereafter, my soul.