There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society, where none intrudes.
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more...

-Lord Byron

17 September 2014

finding a rich history along the Colorado river

From ghost to mining towns, the rich history of Colorado is palpable by letting the soil run through your fingers along the Colorado river.
The wild grass runs deep as you walk along the dusty trail. One eye ever forward, ears pricked up for the sounds of animals rustling. Today however, all that is to be heard are busy bee's pollinating open flowers before winter brings this mutual attraction to an abrupt end.
The open West, home to the lone wolf, both man and beast. One needs to tread lightly and respect the solitude those that live here seek. I move onward to buildings that have been abandoned yet struggle to remain intact given Colorado's unrelenting seasons.
The former main transportation route through the Rocky Mountains is now just a foreboding outline in the sky. I stand beneath the iron slats and hear the whistle of the early 20th century train, carrying persons with dreams of riches in the silver mines, or perhaps just work to put food on the table.
I find a smooth river stone to put in my pocket, and smile with my choice of souvenir remembrance as I find my time along the Colorado river has ended......

as all things do.

16 September 2014

Butterfly fly away

The screen door creaked slowly open, then slammed shut with a loud bang behind me. I was the first visitor in the Botanica Gardens butterfly house this morning, and with a camera as my butterfly net, I set out to capture these creatures.
The butterfly house appears empty though as I first enter, and I wonder if perhaps the exhibit has closed, or perhaps I'm here at the wrong time of day.

Upon closer inspection however, you start to find all manner of butterflies strewn throughout this environment. Cautious insects, they seem to watch you for your intent, and once they feel no danger, flocks of butterflies are circling my body.
Playful they are, and watching them flutter to and fro fills an emptiness in my heart, fills it with love.

Yes, love for butterflies.

14 September 2014

Hyperlapse thru Glenwood Canyon

Found along Interstate 70 in Colorado, Glenwood Canyon's cliff walls grab your eyesight and don't let go.

It's hard to keep focus on the road. With a rainstorm chasing me and blue skies teasing the horizon, I race down the asphalt and let beauty such as this be captured by the girlfriend TP, for all to enjoy again and again.....

11 September 2014

Ben Harper, the poet.

In a straw hat, flannel shirt, and unassuming swagger, Mr. Ben Harper quiets saunters onto the stage with guitar in hand.

He sits and starts his acoustic set with a song about Trayvon Martin. On the night of Sept 11th, 2014, we all sit and listen to his message.
For a political activist, Ben's demeanor is more of a poet singing of lost love. It's in this way that he pulls the audience in and captures our souls.

He can also switch gears, and surprisingly brings his musical Mom Ellen on stage for a couple of duets from his Mother's Day album made earlier this year.
The stars were out and shining brightly down upon us as we all came together over the music and the messages.

Messages that I hope were heard beyond tonight.

10 September 2014

A vignette of family, food and fishing.

You may know that you are loved when your shirt is taken off your back and used to dress the favorite cabin tree.

Perhaps you may know you are loved when you are teaching the youngsters the trick to the perfect roasted marshmallow.
You may find love in frying the previous days catch for breakfast, or perhaps in reminiscing about being on the lake, waiting in anticipation for your line to show signs of a nibble.
You may find love in just working the land in your old reliable tractor.
Love may be in the beauty of a morning sun rising to warm your face.
One thing that I am pretty sure of, the love never seems to run out up here in the mountains, when surrounded by family and friends.