There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society, where none intrudes.
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more...

-Lord Byron

Definition of Walkabout :

a short period of wandering as an occasional interruption of regular work
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27 March 2016

The Pinnacles

I had just finished my circle around the mighty Crater Lake and was ready to head back for the evening when a split in the road came before me.

"The Pinnacles"   7.3 miles ahead.
I never, ever pass up the chance to explore a new road with a destination that was previously unknown.

I park at the end of road, which becomes the start of the trail head. I learn that the Pinnacles are chimneys that are formed when hot ash is cooled after a big volcanic eruption.

When these volcanic spires appear before me, I am once again humbled by the power of this earth.
It's one of those afternoons where everything seems to be in spiritual alignment ; the light, the clouds, the trees.

I walk quietly along the canyon's rim in this Oregon wonderland.
I come to an old entrance to the park, built back when Teddy Roosevelt was our US President. The entrance has been closed for many years now, with only the history being the story.

I rest against the past and an easy smile settles on my face as the forest crackles and chirps in the diminishing light.
I reach the end of the trail, dance a little jig, then return whence I came, better off in both body and mind for seeing the volcanic spires and spurs of The Pinnacles.


12 March 2016

Castle Crest Wild Flower Garden

Darkness shrouds the road as I slowly make the long journey home from Crater Lake. It's been a magical few days. As I weave around canyon corners I find a small sign for a wild flower garden. The sun is just starting to shine on the top of the mountain peaks, so I venture onto the trail to see Nature in morning's first light.
Nothing compares to the solitude of morning dew in the chilly air. It's my favorite moment of the day, and when everything aligns just so, you find that perfect spot to just sit and take in the beauty.
At least I hope you do. These moments are treasures to be bottled up in your keepsake jar. Preserved for the future, savored for generations to come.

I hope you get the Point.

22 February 2016

The Phantom Ship

Trails that sparkle in morning's first light get my motor running unlike anything else.
The day before, I'd seen the small outline of the infamous Phantom Ship from the western slopes of Crater Lake. It's haunting form beckoned for a closer look. Starting early on this fine autumn morning I searched the eastern cliffs for a closer view.
Peering over the edge, just beyond the brush the tree's cleared for a view of the Phantom Ship. Silently floating upon the calm waters she rests.

It was all that I hoped for on this bright, blue sky morning.
After sitting for a spell in the sun, I head back down the trail. I find an old tree uprooted by the wind. I can feel the sad death in it's branches, and the feeling pulls me in. I go closer to touch the dead roots of the ancient wooden being.
I pay my respects in silence, then quietly slip away.

04 February 2016

The Rim drive around Crater Lake

As soon as I stepped onto the smooth volcanic sand, Crater Lake captured my heart.
Trees that seemed to bend in unnatural positions stood like deformed soldiers overlooking the crown jewel of blue water.
Clouds that formed and gathered in mighty numbers, creating shadow dances across the land.
Precipices that beckon you to walk to their edge, just a little farther, you can do it...
Mountains that bear your name, with trails that wrap you around the core of stone, the heart of the mountain top.
Ferocious winds that try to knock one off the edge as they take a giddy selfie in this sacred land.
Inspiring views everywhere as one makes their way around Crater Lake, enjoying a day of driving, hiking, photographing, and just being....
in the crown of Southern Oregon.

23 January 2016

Cleetwood Cove

There is only one route you can take to the shores of Crater Lake, the Cleetwood Cove trail. Only one mile in length, but with an 11% downgrade, don't let the shortness of the hike fool you, it'll get you catching your breath.
During the summer months, you can catch a boat here to Wizard Island, but I had arrived a week too late for this excursion. What I traded for though was a much less crowded area and a more bonding presence with Nature.

The water is so blue and clear, the air a refreshing breath of peace.
I find a little alcove, and restfully have a bit of lunch to the harmony of waves crashing against the volcanic rocks. 

23 December 2015

Watchman's lookout

I see the historic fireman lookout tower high above, perched on a cliff overlooking Wizard Island. The hike looks short but strenuous. The winds have died down for the most part as I start making my way through the pumice field and along the switchbacks that lead to Watchman's lookout.
The short hike is full of fantastic panoramic views of Crater Lake, and the volcano island known as Wizard island.

The watchtower, originally build in 1932, holds steadfast in it's perch above the lake. I wait for no one, taking in the scenery.
This high point shows you the bounty of other peaks to climb, trails to explore, vistas to experience. I quickly make my way back down, and continue around the rim, looking for the next adventure.

22 December 2015

stepping onto Discovery Point

The forest growth starts to clear, opening to a stunning first view of Crater Lake. I've been smitten before, but not quite like this.
My first hike will be the appropriately named Discovery Point trail. Starting at the Crater Lake Lodge, this hike acclimates one to your surroundings while learning the history of the lake and the people that call this place home.
Imagine, if you can, a volcano eruption so large and powerful that it appears as though a mountain was dissected, the top crushed into a million pieces and strewn for hundred of miles. The resulting crater walls are smooth vertical drops leading down to pristine waters.

A small island is left in the middle of the lake...yet not an island. A smaller volcano that was trapped under the more formidable parent, now free and exposed.

A volcano within a volcano. No wonder the Klamath Indians felt such a spiritual connection to Mother earth in this place.
Volcanic sand, fine as any found at the beach, covers the land as you walk along the crater's rim trail. The harsh environment leaves little wildlife to be seen, only the occasional varmint and the lone hawk watching from the treeline.

I listen to the sounds of silence upon a rock that came from the bowels of the earth once upon a millenia.
The air tastes sweeter, the clouds more majestic in their puffy brilliance. Trees rise and dot the landscape as protective watchers over the land.

The setting sun vividly colors the area in a pink and burnt orange glow.
I find a low rock wall, and let time slowly melt into the dark night as I sit and watch the movie nature provides unfold before me.

06 December 2015

The historic Crater Lake Lodge

You may or may not be aware, but their is a list of Historic landmark hotels in America, stretching from coast to coast.

They aren't cheap, but from the history to the architecture and the quaint and uniqueness of each property, you should budget some time and money to check some of them out.

Case in point, the Crater Lake Lodge in Oregon that was built in 1915.
The grand fireplace in the lobby is perfect to enjoy a cocktail, a good book, or just curl up in the soft leather chairs and nap.

The doors that work with actual keys, not key cards. No TV, only framed pictures of past visitors. You'll find little trinkets, knobs and faucets that reek of old world charm.
Wood framed windows that give away to awe inspiring views.
It was the perfect place to spend a couple of night's whilst I explored and hiked the area of Crater Lake.