There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society, where none intrudes.
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more...

-Lord Byron

Definition of Walkabout :

a short period of wandering as an occasional interruption of regular work
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05 August 2017

The insta-story family reunion

Our family reunions now consist of days spent up at my brother's cabin in Fruitland, Utah.

I'm not complaining, I love it up there. I won't lie though, I miss the days of going to new places with the family, but that hasn't happened for ten years, since sister died.

With all of us getting older though, Fruitland is easier on everyone.
I created an Instagram insta-story for the weekend reunion for me to enjoy on here.

I doubt anyone will see it until I'm gone and the family goes through this site to see memories of my life.

If that happens, I hope you enjoy it. The music is inspired by crazylegs and Aaz from our time together driving back from the lake.

06 June 2017

a small town chalk festival

The older one gets, the more you realize just how small your childhood town is, especially when you return home.

The idyllic Main Street of Bountiful, Utah, on a beautiful Spring day in May becomes home to the Chalk Festival.
It showcases local talents from the schools in the area as they draw in chalk their artistic ideas and visions onto the sidewalks along Main Street. I am lucky enough to spend time with my nieces as we walk up and down the street and look at what has been created.
As we walk, I reminisce back to my own youth, biking around town, stopping by the local candy store, the newspaper office, the bookstore.

We hold hands while waiting for our local smoothies, and sit in the shade of a pine tree in the park. I marvel at how much each of them has grown in the six months since I saw them last. I cherish their tiny, curious voices and wide eyes.

30 May 2017

time with the Littles

A strong bout of melancholy and terminable sadness take hold after I return from seeing the littles.

November was the last time we all were together, and little Hope wasn't born yet.
I think sickness has finally come knocking on my door, or perhaps just old age is showing itself in my face, no matter what it is I suppose.

I've limited time left for making memories.
I let the shutter fly, and spend my waning years watching my littles here, their smiles help me through another day.

I hope they remember me in a good light.

07 December 2016

Thanksgiving experiments

Home for the Holidays, and what should I do?

I find time for most of the usual activities, games with the family, movies with the nieces and nephew, a bed to rest this weary body.
I stumble across a social media post about some fun "5 minute experiments" you can do with kids to keep them entertained.

Being a lover of science, we set out to get the necessary items and try our hand at creating our own version of a lava lamp.
I'll skip the traditional retelling of turkey stories and things I'm thankful and replace it with the joy of a simple science experiment with the ones I love.

27 May 2016

Homestead Crater

Countless times have I driven through the picturesque town of Midway, Utah when living in this State.
Yet it took my returning home for a wedding to go to the Homestead Resort and the Crater. As you pull into the parking lot, the dome as hard to miss. On a clear Spring day in May, faint steam was barely visible rising from the opening at the top. We had a few minutes before it was our time to enter, so we walk up the steps to peer down inside the geo thermal crater.
The girls were a little apprehensive as they stared down into the dark earth. They became even more so as we paid to enter, and ventured into the tunnel that lead to the thermal waters.

I get in first, and slowly talk my niece into the water. She takes one last look up to the hole at the top, and then wholeheartedly jumps in.
Her little sister had no such qualms about it though, and couldn't get enough of the warm and soothing mineral waters.

Of course, the older kids were all about this underground adventure,
Your time is only allotted to forty minutes, which is actually plenty of time as the warm water and constant pull to the edges from the rising bubbles underneath wear you out quickly. Good thing life jackets are required for everyone.
If you find yourself in Midway, I would highly recommend a stop by the Homestead Crater. It's a fun, soothing way to relax inside a natural wonder of this Earth.
The crater is over one hundred feet deep, so you can also scuba dive down into it's depths for a greater exploration of the mighty crater.

25 December 2015

this Christmas...

The last Christmas before the big move away.

I hold her just a little tighter than normal, listening to her form words, blow me kisses, wave bye bye.
Always making me laugh, full of curiosity and a scientific mind. He delights his weird uncle with a magic show.
So full of sassy goodness, her personality bursting, I will miss seeing her imagination grow.
Crazylegs....From the moment I held you at the hospital when you were born, we have been connected. You have my sister in you, making your own awesome self so much more.

I learn from you, am amazed by you, and it pains me to leave you, especially now when I think you may need me most.

You are at the age of not wanting your picture taken, you want independence, and life for a few years may not make sense. Know I will always listen, I'm here if you need me.
Yes we are.

20 April 2014

A secular version of Easter

denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis.
not subject to or bound by religious rule; not belonging to or living in a monastic or other order.


   When Easter rolls around, I find myself secretly shaking my head at the absurdity of a Bunny leaving eggs and baskets of goodies for little ones. I can't get behind the Christian belief either, but I also won't make fun and call it the first zombie uprising.

   I prefer the notion of a re-birth, which is fitting during the Spring season. Trees and flowers are blossoming, plants and gardens are started as we work with our hands in the precious soil. Easter is also a time to celebrate new life, and remember death. On Wednesday, new life came to us with a new niece.
  I hold six pounds of pureness in my arms, the goodness emanating from her into my skin. New life rekindles the human spirit.

   From holding a newborn spirit I find myself up in the mountains of Fruit land. The snow and Winter chill is quickly dissipating. Herds of deer can be seen from the deck of the cabin, the scream of the mountain lion penetrates the night air.

   Walking among the Big Rocks I find the memorials of those that have past. It is a sacred place that holds the ashes of those no longer with us. Let it be known that my ashes are to also be scattered here when that time comes.
   But that day is not today, for now I will live with the memories of fishing in mountain lakes, cuddling with little ones that call me Uncle, sharing stories with friends over a good meal and warm fire.